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hi, all. thank you for checking out what i have going on. hope to hear from you!

i am currently a phd candidate in the sexuality education and consent studies lab—under the superb supervision of dr. kristen jozkowski at the university of arkansas.

i research the nuances of sexual consent: how do people feel and communicate their consent across contexts? i also try to figure out how people learn about consent.

i enjoy language. as a personal research tangent, i examine gendered biases that exist in language—namely male firstness. put women first sometimes; it's uncommon.

i am the guest editor for a special issue on sexual consent. submissions are under review now. be on the lookout for some of the latest findings on sexual consent!

i occasionally write for the society of personality and social psychology. my pieces appear on the edialogue newsletter, as well as the character and context blog.

i manage a daily twitter feed on recently published sex research: @sexresearchnow

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